Comfort Friends

Lake Arrowhead

I am currently experiencing a very sweet season of friendship. The best way I have come to describe my friends is like a great big bowl of comfort soup. They fill my life with warmth and flavor and leave me feeling well...better. 

I count my blessings to have a great group of friends here in LA (and back east). I know that it is a rare, special thing. God has brought such amazing, supportive and FUN people into our community and they have helped revive me in a tough season of work and adulthood. 

I never knew I needed the presence of gentle and affirming friends until I had them. The women in our small group are just that. They have been so gentle and caring and continue to build me up when the going gets tough. Their kindness and pursuit, the fact they so openly want to be friends with me has encouraged me greatly (and not just in a passive, we're in the same small group way - which BTW is OK, we will not always be super close with everyone). When our old small group went out to start a new group, I was both proud and sad. I felt as if I had lost my friends. But God has been faithful and brought new relationships into our home and our lives. 

Often times I struggle and feel like I am a hot mess, not worthy of friends and certainly not a good one myself. More and more I am coming to understand the true grace that friendship is and how messy and needy we ALL are. I am pushed more and more into my friendship with Jesus, a word I would not have previously used to describe my walk with him. I know I have an ultimate comfort friend in him but am also so grateful to have his imprints all around me weekly. To any of you reading this, you know who you are. Thanks for being the chicken soup to my weekly soul. Thanks for sticking by me, putting a hand on me, texting me and laughing with me. I love you to the moon and back.

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~ A ~