iPhone Snaps: Life Lately

LA Wedding

Where has this summer gone already? I cannot believe we are about to enter September when August feels as if it has barely settled. 

In an attempt to share more about my day to day life in LA, I thought I would share some iPhone snaps and catch you up on the last month via my iPhone, starting with the above photo...

Our friends Juan and Emily got married in LA and it was such a fun kick off to a year of weddings (2 of 3 now down!) Every time I attend a wedding with my LA family it makes me so thankful to continue to make memories with them. Our group has been to so many weddings together and it always makes me so nostalgic...not only for our wedding but for all the friends who have gotten married here in the city.

Habitat for Humanity

Jeff and I got the chance to spend a Saturday working with Habitat for Humanity alongside friends from our church. It was an incredible experience and I plan to share more of it on the blog. We got to help with the Westside's biggest build site ever and meet one of the Moms who will soon have a beautiful new home to live in with her sons. We are hoping to help out on another build day this fall! 

I don't often post about my day job, but I am so very proud to have worked on Disney's Christopher Robin. If you have not yet seen it - GO NOW. It was such a passion project for me. Marc Forster and the crew created an incredibly heart felt story. Bring your tissues, this one will give you all the feels. 

We had the chance to travel to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a fabled place where a huge portion of our friends from LA all met. It was the sweetest weekend with our friends there, all reunited in the deep South for a wedding. More on that and our day in New Orleans coming soon! 

Your Neighborhood Studio

I decided that August was as good a time as ever to pick up Ballet class again. I had intended to work out a lot more this year but had fallen off the horse every month. I was finally honest with myself and decided I would work out in the only way I prefer is - dance. I take classes at Danceline LA, formerly Your Neighborhood Studio. Check it out if you are on the Westside! 

We got to spend a lot of time with our roommates Sarah and Casey and bonded over some dinner in Manhattan beach and celebrated the reveal of their little baby BOY! We kept it low-key with a small group pot luck filled with cupcakes which once bitten into revealed mint for a boy or yellow for a girl. It was such a blast to all find out together. Let the shopping begin! 

Sloth Cake

I have been super busy at work while switching over to a new project. I am feeling grateful for the team that's around me. We have gotten to celebrate a couple of birthdays and well it sort of puts a lot into perspective. I remember that it is the people who make the job worth it, even when the work itself is stressful.

Our monthly Third Thursday dinner resumed with my best friend Loee and her husband Joel. We checked out a local eatery, Rocky's and then headed to their place the next night for an old school hang out. Loee and I went through some of her old things (which are now new to me!) and we laughed and had a classic girl-sesh in her walk in closet. I love that in 20 years of friendship, we still love to just talk about life and clothes in the closet. 

A double date brunch with the sweetest friends got us out of our Westside bubble and up into West Hollywood. We had the best pancakes and coffees at The Paramount Coffee Project. I highly recommend! 

We are off to Paris this Friday. I know - PINCH ME - and I am so excited for a holiday away with Jeff! We have so much and so little planned and I know this trip will bring some much needed rejuvenation. 

We are also preparing to move house in October and a getaway from the stress of it all is just what we need. Keep us in your prayers as we search for the next casa Lowndes. Until the next one! 


~ A ~