Bald Head Island Part 1


I am so excited to share with you all our trip to Bald Head Island, North Carolina! 

Our best friends and roommates Sarah and Casey have been inviting us to their parents summer house for a few years and we were finally able to join them! I will be sharing our week in 2 parts on the blog as well as putting together a quick city guide for the island. And don't worry - I vlogged the whole week as well!

We arrived on Saturday evening after quite the marathon of transportation (car - plane - rental car - ferry - golf cart) and got to see the island in its quiet evening light. The ferry ride to the island at night was actually breath taking. I had never seen a full moon above the water before and it was so calm and peaceful with only a dozen or so guests quietly gazing out over the sea. 

Casey's parents generously opened up their town home and it's panorama windows overlooking the harbor  greeted us on Sunday morning. We spent the first 3 days sleeping in a bit, enjoying the freshest South Carolina peaches and heading out to the beach. 

The beaches in BHI are stunning. Lined up and down with the prettiest gray and white homes, the shoreline has pale pale sand and bright green grasses. More often than not we ended up at Beach Access 39 on East Beach. Sarah and Casey had ordered a beach tent and it provided the best shade in the hot southern sun. 

I opted out of swimming at the beginning of the week (thanks cramps) and instead got to enjoy the waves, my shady beach chair and my books. I cannot recommend the sun tent we used ENOUGH. It was so necessary and made 3-5 hours at the beach completely doable each day. Even in the extreme southern humidity!

Bald Head Island

On our 2nd day on the Island, Sarah and I took a bike ride around the neighborhood and down the main "road". The canopy is absolutely picturesque and I came to love our long rides along it each day. If you didn't know better you could believe we were in the tropics. And can we talk about the constant humming of cicadas? Holiday bliss. 

We did most of our own cooking, shopping at the one Grocery Store on the island. I also picked up an early souvenir from the famously preppy Bald Head Blues. Bald Head Island has a sweet little row of shops surrounding the grocer including a home store, various clothing boutiques and sweet shops. And, there is even a small art gallery! 

On 4th of July Eve we got to share a very special meal with friends of Casey's parents at their tree house home on Middle Island (a long inlet lines with marsh view houses). They cooked the most incredible meal for us, shared their stories and we ate and drank long into the evening. It was one of my favorite memories from the entire week, wining and dining in the beautiful home of a stranger turned friend. 


I will be sharing how we spent our 4th of July and the rest of the week on the island in my next post! 


~ A ~