Our Annual NYE Party Photos and My Resolutions!


Hello 2019!

We have been waiting for you! I cannot wait for what this new year will bring and in keeping tradition with last year I thought I would share my New 2019 Resolutions as well as A TON of fun photos from our 4th Annual New Year’s Eve Bash!

Every year our party gets bigger, brighter and more memorable. God continues to bring so many incredible new friends into our lives and looking around the room at midnight is always so special for me. I get to see so many of the people I love celebratory, joyous, and anxious for what is to come - together. We get to embrace one another while all dolled up and I get to recall, as I hug everyone, the incredible memories we’ve shared the past year. I am so insanely blessed.

So with the gushy note out of the way, here is to a healthy and happy 2019!

This is MY YEAR. AKA my year for personal health and wellness - how will I do this? 3 simple goals:

  • Daily YOGA (workout, meditation, prayer, calm)

    • I am really embracing personal fitness this year out of necessity. I am so out of shape and am already loving getting into an (almost) daily rhythm of yoga, stretching, jogging etc. and while I do - I pray.

  • Acting Classes

    • This is FINALLY the year I FINALLY get over my fear - and take an acting class. I love performance and grew up in the theatre. For my mental and emotional health, it’s time to return home.

  • Embrace my personal style.

    • Fashion makes me feel happy, confident and bold. This year I want to explore my style more and share my outfits with the world.

I would love to know what your resolutions and goals are this year! Leave me a comment below. I hope this year is the best one yet!

I love them. And that’s the beginning and the end…of everything.


~ A ~