Our Favorite Date Day and Budget Tips!

Our Favorite Date Day

Happy February!

Whether you are celebrating the month of love with your girlfriends, a boyfriend, a spouse or a pup - I hope you enjoy a peak inside one of our favorite date days in LA as well as a few tips on how to save some money!

One of our favorite ways to spend quality time together is with a day date in (or out of) the city. I discovered Bottega Louie a few years ago and it has become our favorite brunch spot when celebrating something special. Not only does this stunning restaurant not require reservations but they boast a wonderfully delicious menu. We like to treat ourselves to an app - HELLO BEIGNETS - and some coffee.

Even though the restaurant is only 20 minutes from our house, simply spending a couple hours in a different setting (downtown LA) is such a great way to clear our heads and make us feel as if we are in fact in a very special place. Having a dedicated space is super important when spending quality time together, it also injects a lot of FUN into our date life when we are both in a setting we enjoy. Decor and ambiance is super important to me whereas good coffee and large portions are important to Jeff. Bottega Louie provides all the things which earns it a spot a top of favorites list.

Bottega Louie Beignets

Since I love interior design so much, one of our favorite things to do is walk through some of the beautiful hotels downtown. After our brunch we made our way over to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel for a bit of walk through. I love historic hotels and they provide the best scenery for observing people and decor. It is also sort of fun to pretend we’re guests as we sneak in and out of the lobby.

After a nice stroll we usually try to find some fun walk around activities that require little if any spending. Downtown LA has the best book store, The Last Bookstore (which I have blogged about before) and it always provides the best free entertainment with its’ cavernous book isles , art galleries and sitting areas.

After getting some great budget buy books, we hopped back in the car and drove about 15 minutes to one of my favorite (and free) LA destinations, the Rose Gardens at the Natural History Museum. I LOVE walking around any kind of botanical garden and we had the best weather on this particular outing. For Jeff and I , taking photos somewhere beautiful is one of our favorite things to do on a day date. And, it doesn’t cost a thing!

USC Rose Gardens

Our budget date tips:

1. Pick a mid range restaurant with an awesome interior.

2. Take a “walking tour” of historic building or hotel lobbies.

3. Get lost in a large home store or bookstore.

4. Explore free parks and gardens and bring a camera to make it more fun!

City and Grace

I hope this encourages you and yours with new or refreshing ways to date in your city! What are your favorite day dates?


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