How To Host: A Co-Ed Baby Shower!


I had the honor of co-hosting my best friend Sarah's Baby Shower with my dear friend Robin. We held the co-ed party in our neighborhood at a mutual friend’s amazing corner yard.

It was such a wonderful day (and my first ever co-ed shower) so I thought I would share some of the highlights as captured by myself and a 12 year old friend :)

I cannot say enough good things about the Taco Truck that Sarah and her husband Casey gifted the guests. Our church has also hired this family run business and the food was not only fast but DELICIOUS. It really was a major feature of the party and allowed people to eat when and how ever much they wanted throughout the early evening affair.

In addition to the Mexican inspired spread, we also had friends and family decorate onesies for the then, baby boy to be. This was a fun project for the adults but also kept the energetic younger guests occupied for much of the party as well.

My biggest tip for a co-ed shower is to keep it simple. We opted out of additional games in favor of conversation and saved the gift opening for the after party to allow Sarah and Casey to thoroughly enjoy their mixed company.  

It was so sweet to see men and women from all of Sarah and Casey’s circles gathered together for such a special evening. I personally was getting choked up throughout as I witnessed multiple generations loving on my best friend and her sweet little babe. It was equally sweet to see Sarah get to celebrate such a huge milestone with both her adoptive and birth mom. Baby Boy is lucky to be so so loved.

Homemade baby boy bunting
Co-Ed Baby Shower
LA Taco Truck

Best. Baby Shower. Ever.


~ A ~